[P] Sweetest Juice Ever!

Yummie! Just couldn't forget how its taste although these photo have been taken randomly last few weekend. Well bcoz it was being prepared by my mummy herself in the middle of busy days. Yum yum! It makes me missing home right now! Arrh.. : <

(What's better than a juice that prepared by mummy? :D)

(Time to blend!)
Have been a lot of things happened to me and my car recently. It's kinda hard to get rid of such a horrible feelings. Grr..! Looking at the photo (taken by myself), it somehow calm myself down. Enjoy weekeend!

A cup of coffee, please? I couldn't miss a cup of coffee everyday since my university time. That time, it was mainly used to force me to stay awake for preparing & sitting my exams but now, i'm addicted. Perhaps, it's a bad habit for some people, still i enjoy the taste of such a drink very much, it just couldn't described by any single word, especially under a cooling breeze. It's related to a feeling, calm and comfortable feeling. I miss those right now. There have been a lot of thinking recently, from one decisions to another one. In fact, our life is like a chess game, every turn you made will change next turn, even your entire game. Who are going to spot the 'Check' first? It's reality. We aren't sure where's our future placed but we can make the right move for current situation, (Hmm..) right move to plan my coming years, to finish up my task, to go for traveling and to treat people nice (or bad as how they treat me). I wish there's a cup of coffee (or latte) & a magazine in front of me. Something that I must insist that, work is just part of my life but not all of my life, we must have time that belongs to us in order to find the balance point of our life. What if a rope or rubber is tightly stretched (under tense condition)?

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This section will be a photo-sharing section. I have attended one outdoor activity which organized by Vios'07 Club, Go Kart Champhionship (Round 1). It seem truly fun and sadly I couldn't join up the games due to my weakie body that day. So as photographer of the club, i will be doing my usual duty, trying to catch every moments for the whole activities. Glad to meet some of new members and i'm sure Round 2 are on our way. :D

Full series and size of photos could be seen in my Flickr below. Hope you guys enjoy and like it.

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The view of Sunway city

Sunway Pyramid

The view from balcony

Although I have just spent 1 month in the area, the view of the Sunway city is truly amazed to me. I should have taken more shots but the remaining time isn't allow me to do so. So, just some quick shots with the aid of my tripod and lenses in my kits. Wish it could be a day for me to take some night view shots at other countries later. Hope you guys like it :D

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- Distracted -

I have some interesting conversation with my colleagues. It might be too ordinary that people doesn't care of it or it could stimulate people to think the story behind this short conversation. Well, I have been asked if I'm having my dinner before going home. 'Yes! Definitely since I could do my other things accordingly later'. However, most of them would rather enjoy the meal while they are watching drama or surfing net at home later. It's not something looks attractive enough to be mentioned but for me, it actually reflecting how a person act and think in his life. I believe if you willing to spend 30 to 60 seconds to listen what's a people speaking to you, you will immediately build a link between you & them, more likely a 'understanding' link.

Back to the conversation, I do feel those, who are staying around me and another end of the world, has different way of thinking. The major influence is surely came from our beloved society. When you are about to employ a role from the society, you will be told that 'we need an all-rounder-talent' or 'we need someone who can swim & sing in the same time'. Why? It save time, cost and more efficient. The biggest drawback is we are doing what we are having and we have lost our determination, time & opportunity to improve or specialize all our skills to higher level. Later, we all will becoming 1 kind of people in order to fulfill the needs. All of the ambitions and dreams will be distracted away, as if an empty shell that is trying to fight against the sea waves. Distraction could be in many form e.g pressure. Being pressured is a way to distract your attention or concentration in your mind too. I guess, we hardly get to choose what type of a person we want to be but the time will make us 1 decision. What I can do is to stay focus and concentration as usual in order to make the next move wisely :)

- The Show -

It has been silence here since a month plus ago. Things have been changing & changing all this while until now, I finally have my own time to feel my own presence. Everything have been destined, I believe. It could be considered as the cycle of Life or the path of seeking the true meaning of Life. Well, I have to stay optimistic and tough for every tomorrow.

There are a lot of mix feelings or conflicts in my mind. It's some kind of the matters that I believed, have been diverted or twisted and as the result, I'm confusing. I'm confused how people could think in this way; or how people only talk about 'yellowish' stories or girls; I'm even confused to understand one's true personality. One's could just joked, ''hi, you just looks good today.'', when he just turned around, you could be the ugliest person in his world. So, you would never know who's your alliance or betrayer.

I'm cautious, every minutes given to me because every minutes is treated the Show. Of course, it's an spontaneous one and I'm the standby-actor. No dialogues are prepared and every moments is Live. Until this part, it's very subjective and depending on what are we going to achieve. It could be misled or it could be positive. For me, it's a show where I have play the role well as much as I could in order to achieve a win-win position. Yes, sometimes it could be hard or even impossible. But, feel not too desperate by misusing it with bad role. It might an tasty solution but it ultimately ruin your life. I guess we need to be aware people around but we do need to appreciate people who supporting or loving to us.

The connections are needed to be initialized and monitored it properly, in order to ensure that the signal flows or acknowledgments between you and me are always in the most understandable way.

I always believe that there will be a good return after doing a good thing. :)

Go nature; Go green! The nature is full with inspiration on photography, especially in macro or close-up shots. I love photo with nature mood with the use of the nature light. This photo was taken under a soft light and the leaves were placed in front of the sun light. The detail and the shadows of the leaves make this shots looks interesting. Vignetting has been added in the photo in order to make use of the space. The photo was just taken outside my house. :D

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- Convince or Confuse -

It supposed to be a sweet dream but something just keep bothering and pushing me to think of what have happened previously. It's something very personal - Sadly, might be because of my own personality. I, somehow, feel that I lost a ability. It might be lost for a very long time, even I didn't realize on it. There's a story where I'm trying to convince someone on a matter but it seems I made things into confusion and very likely, thing doesn't delivered in an understanding way. Well, when the story continues, the ending is predictable - Emo.

Perhaps, my thinking is little selfish.


I shall not bother too much. Think narrow, Look further. :)

The fundamental concept of the picture is Fantasy. All the elements are considered carefully, these include architectural design, environment, beautiful sky and landscape. The right composition and timing are the basic concerns in order to show the interaction between the building and surrounding. The right portion of sky can add an advantage on creating an unique environment. Overall i wish to portrait a slightly different views of what we have been seen/experienced with.

The technique that employed is HDR (High Dynamic Range). Its excellent result make it quite addictive to be used, somehow. For your information, HDR is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of a scene than normal digital imaging techniques. This will intensify the shadows and sunlight.

Hope you like it. :D

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- Time vs Timeless -

Can i buy 'Time'? How much per hour? What's the value of 'Time'?

I have a dream since I was around 13 years old. A dream that had been inspired by the people around me, their actions and thinking. While recalling back, i feel somehow ridiculous & childish but meaningful. I believe that having an unachievable dream is not bad at all. It's a motivating effect. It always motivates yourself to think wide and to achieve something that even you, yourself can't expect it. Well, I'm no longer 13 years old and it seem dream doesn't count by age. No matter you are 13, 23 or even 53, dreams are still very 'energetic'. That's the reason you won't feel old (i hope) and keep searching for the meaning of your life.

I dream to build a 'Time Machine'. I wish i could trade back my time and I wish things could be timeless.

Achievable? Logical? From scientific view, yes, it has a very least possibilities to achieve astral projection, overcoming the speed of light with the aid of laser concept, ultimately create a big black hole with the mass and energy surrounding. That's just a brief idea from what I have known but result? Not even a scientist could answer that. In fact, it's unachievable but i would love if thing could be in the condition that considered as 'timeless'. There are too much things that I wish it could be happen just right next few hours. Whenever comes to an ending, how much i wish things could be 'rewind & play' again. Time vs Timeless? It's actually how we could timelessly treasure all the time that have given to us.

There are too many 'Thank You' & 'Sorry' should be added in my imperfect memories. I hope it would make it more meaningful. Good luck.

The Sun break through the cloud and light up the land of the world with its strength and determination. Its faithfulness has show us the direction of Life. It's always feeling great when you are given a chance to see how beautiful is it. I just love it. :D

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It supposed to be a photography post, which I have been preparing since few days go, but it's just something unbearable and totally humanless matters keep bothering my mind. To be more and more specific, it's about the society that I have been loyal and served for 4 years during my university's life.

Why is it unbearable? Because the value of the society has been degraded by the 'respective' committees.

Why is it humanless? Because it has been running by human without passion and thinking.

Everything is seem so so strange to me after my retirement year. What's 'Everything'? The decisions, concepts, directions and most importantly, the people in-charge. The people whom I trusted well since my retirement, my trusted juniors who worked for me as team before or current elected juniors, where are they? It has been 2 years and everyday, I meet a bunch of empty shells, passing by on the streets, gossiping, winking without any serious issues regarding to the society. It's even funnier when any empty-hand fisherman back home and get rewarded.

My silent does not take me away and my observation has never put a full stop. The society have deeply lost its own values and principles. What's the difference between this society and others in the campus? More members, more events, happier, merrier? So...what about the management of the society? More professional, more benefits, more money? I really wonder what's the answers?

Well, it's still very much influential to the leader of the society. If there's an error, it's on the leader's head, (pls) not blaming your own committees. If it's the leader's decision, (pls) admit it in front of anyone. If you are out of idea on managing the society, (PLZ) look for people who are capable to give you some useful guides. Do not behave like a chicken or a monkey, the society needs truly leaders, who willing to learn and appreciate all the seniors' supports and scarification. Even it's hard to swallow, everyone is meant to learn and understand the reason of every actions, every steps that have been fought hardly in years ago. Everyone is disappointed with the things are going now right now. I doubt to see what's going on after a few years of my graduation. It will be surprise, I'm sure but could it be positive?

The Sun creates miracle for the lives on Earth. It is an emblem of life and spirituality.

"A spot which represent the transition of one of our main element in lives. It was happened just right the moment."

"Light could be reflected by different medium and create creative view to our eyes."
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Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Launched at Putrajaya week ago and yet I just posted the pictures that I have taken. I was MIA for week due to some special case that brought me some of the difficulties. Accessing to internet or even my movement. Well, i'm back in charge and will be catching up with the updates here. Regarding to the pictures, these was taken in a very moody evening, sadly. It was cloudy and even drizzling in the middle. Darn! Well, I was in rush to leave the town so the outcomes wasn't amazed. :D
Well, it was my first times to see a REAL hot air balloon in front of me. I would feel better if i could get the chance to ride on it and to see the wide view of Putrajaya. But, I wonder I will be dizzy or even faint up on the air.
Checkout my signature. :D

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Things that can't missed in our lives? Precious in Life? The answer surely for me is, DESSERT! *Yum yum* I wonder why I couldn't resist to look at it, have it, taste it! I guess that would be the best thing in my life. Either it's a hot one or cold one, I just love it. Well, surprisingly I have found something very very very interesting at a Japanese Dessert shop at Pavillion ( which opposite the market at the lower ground floor ) - MOF Dessert.

Most of the desserts serve with green tea + red beans. The best combination for me. Well there are more dessert you can try out if you get a chance to visit there. I need dessert now arh. :D

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Rabbits' Home! Well, commonly, people will name this place as Rabbits' Farm, where located at around Bkt. Tinggi. I bet all the rabbit lovers will fall in love with this fantastic place as you get to play and jog with the rabbits in without any time constraint. Well, this was actually my first time on contacting with a real rabbit and they were just toooo shy. Some were just too active while being chased by cold-hearted kids, and some were just 'sleepy'. I have taken some shots in the farm and I suspected that some of the rabbits were posing to me on purpose. (hmm..have a look!)

It was a tiny farm but you will still get some fun with the rabbits in this cooling places. Give it a try when you have no idea where to go besides GSC/TGV or Red/Green/Yellow-box. Have a healthy holiday. [ Checkout more pictures in signature below :) ]

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"Here is Japan!!" Hmm..Well, I wish It could be true but it's just a 'demo' version of how actually a Japanese Village looks like in M'sia. I bet you would enjoy it if you don't mind of a little walking. The atmosphere is cooling and everything is natural surrounding the area. U could even try out a kimono and walk around the area if you don't mind to have your body sweating all the day. Little sharing here. :-)

Mysterious - Hidden Spot

Walking back home
Along the way
The source of water
Purpie flowers
I still comes up with a shot in my favourite way :-)
Hope you all like it. ( More photos can be seen in flick below )
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This would be another photography post but certainly, this is slightly different comparing to previous posts. A Black & White Series. This would be the first B&W series in the blogsite and the location would be Colmar Tropicale :-)

I love B&W photography. There are things that a color photography can't produced. A B&W photography enhance the shadow and contrast of the photo. Make it the simplest form yet there could be the most complicated meaning behind the photo. Well, it's the attraction of the art of B&W photography.

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