. Malaysia Road Show .

Been really busy for weeks although there is a mid-week breaks, still I have to catch up with the time. Daily, I have been spending almost all my time on the road than my home especially in this big city. All the city-road here has a symptom, it is either NO-JAM or JAM crazily. Spending all your precious resting-time on the car, holding your beloved car's sterling, listening 92.9fm with ''woman-womanizer'', looking at the cars around you, it's another dead day again. But..but..but, when you try to look properly through the window, you will find it some similarities of our Malaysian drivers. Don't believe?

10. Using cellphone while driving;

9. Smoking in the car; Air-con?

8. Slide down the car's window like no other business;

7. Falling asleep in the car;

6. Turning the non-turning lane;

5. Red light? Hit the pedal harder and GO!

4. Horn annoyingly again and again regardless you are right or wrong;

3. High beam of car's front lamp;

2. Driving slowly in high speed lane;

1. Scold him badly (together w/ his family) if you are the one who bang him at first.

Do you realize what's happening on the road in this city? That's why there is JAM everywhere, ACCIDENT everywhere. Sigh. Why can't just be a moderate driver?

Kasih Jalan, kadang-kala, please?

[Photography] Loneliness

Lonely. Alone :)
( Somehow it makes us feel much better and calm, don't ya think that? )

Shinjiz. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

Night view Lumut's Ferry :)
( Transport or Delivery? )

Shinjiz. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


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