This major events have been organized well by Vios'07 club Committee and this time,
we have been visiting Meguiars Car Care Clinic where it's a place for well-known car crazy
since 1901 till now. Taking care of your precious car is surely a no to miss it. ^ ^

For more photos, you guys can click on the link below. Hope you guys can enjoy it. =)

Blackie V-05

Shinjiz. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

- Delicious I -

Weekend! Wheeee!! I'm extremely excited about getting myself away from the 8-hours-bored-to-death office/lab. Finally, something going to be fun. Myself, my colleague, my trainee-friends even my Boss, all seem to be happy and set toward something special than our bored weekdays.

I wish to spend my time with not-too-special and big changes. I just want to have my own personal time, and food-enjoying time. That's all!! So, I must not miss out my time on enjoying good thing, good food in my life. Look out, Tea Break time in Sweet Chat.
And and and and and....someone who can't miss out during my weekend (ahem ahem)...

Lil things to be shared here as I have missed out all my precious internet-time in my new area. Need time to catch up in everything.


- Crash and Burn -

Today, my feeling is like Crash and Burn the whole day. Sigh. No sign of lucks
happen to me but a lot of pieces of sh*ts. All the incidents happened one and followed
by another one. Oh god! What's happening!!!

1st, newly-bought car's TRD emblem cause scratches at the back of my beloved car;

2nd, irremovable dark spot on my driver's (side) dashboard;

3rd, idiot driver (with earphone) forgot to pull the handbrake and HIT!! my car;

4th, i'm truly speeeeeeeeeeeeeechles; ( LOOK down! )
What's happen with that Carrefour (Midvalley) Indian sale girl? She thought of adding
some kind of surprise to my day huh?! OMG! I really didn't expect this and found out
only when i was start packing my stuff.

What a D-A-Y?



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