It supposed to be a photography post, which I have been preparing since few days go, but it's just something unbearable and totally humanless matters keep bothering my mind. To be more and more specific, it's about the society that I have been loyal and served for 4 years during my university's life.

Why is it unbearable? Because the value of the society has been degraded by the 'respective' committees.

Why is it humanless? Because it has been running by human without passion and thinking.

Everything is seem so so strange to me after my retirement year. What's 'Everything'? The decisions, concepts, directions and most importantly, the people in-charge. The people whom I trusted well since my retirement, my trusted juniors who worked for me as team before or current elected juniors, where are they? It has been 2 years and everyday, I meet a bunch of empty shells, passing by on the streets, gossiping, winking without any serious issues regarding to the society. It's even funnier when any empty-hand fisherman back home and get rewarded.

My silent does not take me away and my observation has never put a full stop. The society have deeply lost its own values and principles. What's the difference between this society and others in the campus? More members, more events, happier, merrier? So...what about the management of the society? More professional, more benefits, more money? I really wonder what's the answers?

Well, it's still very much influential to the leader of the society. If there's an error, it's on the leader's head, (pls) not blaming your own committees. If it's the leader's decision, (pls) admit it in front of anyone. If you are out of idea on managing the society, (PLZ) look for people who are capable to give you some useful guides. Do not behave like a chicken or a monkey, the society needs truly leaders, who willing to learn and appreciate all the seniors' supports and scarification. Even it's hard to swallow, everyone is meant to learn and understand the reason of every actions, every steps that have been fought hardly in years ago. Everyone is disappointed with the things are going now right now. I doubt to see what's going on after a few years of my graduation. It will be surprise, I'm sure but could it be positive?

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