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Multiply ( 2005-07 )

Friendster ( 2006-07 )

While I'm wondering how was my 4-years-plus university life has been doing so far, something are keep recalling back in my mind. There're those quite familiar words were written above, which is personally related to me. Yes, there're my past blogsite. I have yet settle down with one blogsite which I loyal and love so much. I feel that there're always short of something in my personal sites. I guess, it's what a human being bad habit. " Nothing can be satisfy human's hunger."

Initiative > Plan > Dare > Action > Happen > Experience > Memory. I'm not quite sure whether this 'formula' is considered steps of the creation of our memory but more likely it won't go too far, i guess. These few years memory, it's truly unforgettable. Every year it comes with something unexpected and I won't regret of it. I appreciate everything came and comes to me. My family, my friends, my loved one and my life. Although there are some disappointment in my friend circles, especially in my uni life, I have no longer drag too much unnecessary people and matters together with me but to move on naturally. Where there is a human beings, there is a quarrel and dissatisfaction. People tend to hunger for some luxurious and enjoyment where back, they have to sacrifice their own 'belongings'. The more they going for it, the more they have to pay for it. No doubt, I might exceed mine but i have a second alarm for myself.

I'm emotional but i'm not mad, bear with me and hope people with me have a better understanding. I'm back in blogging and wish for supports from you guys. Blessing you and me have a wonderful day and blessing my loved one in protection whenever they need.

" Life is the first gift, Love is the second, and Understanding is the third "
-- Marge Piercy


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