- March end beautifully -

It's just da last weekend before another hectic 'Apple' ( I'm sorry, April ) month. Nothing is actually very special on that days but some plans went well, cheered me a lot. As I mentioned before, I love to spend my day in leisure and relaxing way and that's how it turned out to be. I have finally take an 'mc' leave from my lovely 'Cyborg' city.

I do not need to face my lecture notes,
I do not need to do tutorials,
I do not need to play Simmybook,
I do not need to watch Metacafe,
I do not need to have my meals in Oldtown / Padi. ( yuck )

Everything sound so nice for me as I could take my sweet time to enjoy my weekend. As usual, I planned to wake up earlier in order to set myself nicely to be a 'Rockstar'..But but but but, I fell sick ( Omg, i never plan to fall sick ). Guess what, I became a 'Sickstar', supposed. Don't care, I must get ready. Taken 2 pills, meanwhile. I was heading out out out . . . now. Liwen joined me ( ngek ngek ). I went Pavillion and got ready for lunch before my movie start. I chose Sakae Sushi. I was attracted with it environment designed and da food there. No doubt, I love Japanese food so so much ( That's da main reason >< ). Sakae Sushi is a trendy quick service kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi concept in serving meals to customer. Seat arrangement designated carefully and according customer's choice, either family, groups or couple. Even for those who enjoy drinking alcoholic drinks have a specific, romantic area. Ordering can be made with the LCD touchscreen right beside each table.
I'm sorry that I can't provide a better picture about da environment around but I have 1 picture which can show a part of the restaurant with my dumbie look. I'm truly sorry. ><
Anothing thing I would like to point out here is what Liwen introduced to me for quite some time, New Tang Dynasty Gourmet. I would say that da environment is truly awesome. It's worth a try if you never been there and I'm sure it would satisfy your desires. da food there is delicious ( some is ok I guess ) while it's quite costly. To think of it in another way, we pay da food itself and also da environment. As I know, Tang dynasty as main theme, da design of this restaurant is based on da combination modern fashion elements concept and creativity of food-cooking. Sound interesting? ^^

I'm sorry for not providing da name of each of da food because I can't remember all of them. Hmm..I'm sure you can find it out yourselves when you visit there. At last, wish you all have an enjoyable days. Keep in touch with me =P

- Food of da day -

Pumpkin Salad
Cost : RM9.00
Taste : 4/5
Value : 3/5

Comments : undoubtedly nice!

.1-week Breaks .

1 weeks
168 hours
10080 minutes
604800 seconds



1 week of breaks just doesn't sound enough for me, to be honest. Sicking with works, books, chickens and no-porks life yet, has to be back very very soon. "Time flies like rocket", quoted from Wen, I agreed with it but Laser will be more suitable (who has higher speed and massless ^^) to be implied. 3-straight examinations will be held in coming weeks while I'm still relaxing around. Perhaps, I need some motivations and encouragements from you (and shopping? lol). I prefer work things in comfortable way rather than tension, doomy. I guess da only person that can help me is Myself. I need more breaks.

'Blurdy' Manchester Utd vs Liverpool
< Old Trafford stadium ; 2130MY >

We need to neutralize da Devils.

* Happie B'day *

* Happie Birthday *

Long-awaited B'day ( a.k.a. Big day, Birthday day, Born day ) had eventually came and gone away. Perhaps, it was just too short yet too long. It's not-so-special as everybody treat it but it's just lil special for me. I'm getting 'younger' every year when I celebrated my B'day and each year, it turned out to be something different, special in da way of atmosphere, method and people. I'm happy in my heart, thank you so so much. Chilies [midvalley], Bibi planned and celebrated with me at there and friendly environment made my day happier. Da waiters even give me little supprise with cakey and song-singing making da night into more meaningful one.

I'm truly thank you for those calls and messages from my friends and loved one. Every calls and messages make a simple day to be a special one, being appreciated. I'm glad to hear from you.

12 03 2008

[SMS] Aiwen

13 03 2008

[Call] Liwen, ChuiFang, Daddy, Mummy, Sister
[SMS] KimFong, Jacqueline, ManShuang, LeeHong, Meimei, HaoChuan, ahGuan, Alvin, HengWong, Crystal, HueyKiau, ChinBin, Sister, KuanPeng, HuiXian, Ethelene, HuiMei, ahFoong
[MSN/YM] Jamie, Lisan, Chiewshi, Vian, BeePeng, Pak Yuen, YeeJeen, KhaiLing, HuiQing, SeeMin, Jerry, CaiSzu, Kelmynn, Amelia, Stella, Andrew, YeeSheng, Jessica, Peggy, Felicia
[Fb] Cheeling, Emmy, Cathy, Kide, JingYan, Dina, Cheeling
[Friendster] VoonJoo, Angela, Akimi, Winnie, Eric, Soket, Moon, MeiMei, KahYee, Kim, MeiYee, Steven. Grace, Jikki Wong, Chloe, Shiryee, HouKeat, Squall, Michelle, Kenward.

Thank you so much again. U all my best friend in my heart always, I appreciate it so much. I might missed out somebody, give me a msg and I tag it up ^^

* Happie Birthday *

Someone tells me that I have to be responsible.

Someone tells me that I have to repay what I gained.

Someone tells me that I should share my knowledge esp to younger one.

In fact,

I have not pick up my real responsibility as what I should be.

I have giving it too much for years, indeed.

I should have face my own responsibility before picking others.

My ambitions path is fading away, away.

Who should be blamed?

I am not a kid, I know what should I choose and my responsibility.

I have my reason, I do not need to give any explanations.

I don't need bear people's colour of face.

I'm tired, mentally.

08 . 03 . 2008

It's a date that has to be remembered in every Malaysian's mind. A new chapter in our Malaysia history, a new 'look' of our country. After 50 years of independence and now come to this stage, we want to make change for what we believe will mark the dawn of a new era in Malaysian history. Whether it's on the positive track or negative one, it's now all depends on us, as a Malaysian, to make the right step and move forward with all the chances being given.

Arrogances, Discriminatory policies, Corruptions, Abundance in business and physical developments, lack of Democratic voices and power and so on are unforgivable and da result of the election today showed our anger and dissatisfaction. I'm not going to further da discussions here but da fact, we have to face it.

Let's us build up da brand of 'Malaysia'.

Latest news on Malaysia election 2008 :

Malaysiakini :

MerdekaReview : http://www.merdekareview.com

The Star, Election results : http://thestar.com.my/election/maps

Jeff Ooi [Jeff 4 Malaysia] : http://www.jeffooi.com

Sinchew-I : http://www.sinchew-i.com

DAP Malaysia : http://www.dapmalaysia.org/newenglish/ta_dap_blog.htm

- Cheers 2 Wine I -

Cheers! I'm sure everybody has come across before this, 'Cheers'. It's actually a slang of 'Thank you' ( in England as different countries use it in different manners ). 'Cheers' is always being used or related to drinks and one of those, is Wine. Well, I would like to share some of my little knowledge about Wine with you all. Hope you all like it ( as i do ).

Most of da time, I would like to turn on da tv and turn it to AFC ( Asian Food Channel in Astro ) or any food tv programs as I enjoy seeking for all-time great foods very much. Wine, flattering me lots. Wine was originated from Greece since da late Neolithic period with domestic cultivation. In that time, Wine was treated as safer drinks than water since water bred diseases in past ages ( alcohol kills bugs! ). Dionysus, da Greek God of wine, also play a part of influence in their belief too. Some people believe that Wine was important because it was something soldiers and sailors could carry with them without having to worry about spoilage and pollution. Till then, tda domestic cultivation became widespread to everywhere in the world.

Wine has a lot of categories but I would like to pick up one of it to be discussed here, that's After-dinner Wine. After-dinner wines are usually sweet wines like sherry, brandy, and ports. Dessert wines, as some call them,are becoming more popular again, they really capture da mood of da party season. Wines basically has 2 type, which is red wine and white wine.
Red wine likes Barbera ( Bar-ber-uh ), Merlot ( Mare-lo ), Zinfandel ( Zin-fan-del ) and so on are community favourites. Barbera is an italian wine and often serve together with tomato based pasta dishes. Merlot originates from Bordeaux in France and best serve with poultry and grilled meats, but these types of wines actually goes well with most da foods. Croatia-wine, Zinfandel is da type of red wine is wonderful with steaks, grilled meats, and tomato based dishes.
On da other hand, White wine such as Chardonnay ( Shar-doe-nay ), Gewürztraminer ( Gah-vurtz-tra-meener ) and so on are the favourite picks. Perhaps, white wines are not so familiar to some people. Chardonnay is originated from France and goes well with chicken, seafood and fish. Gewürztraminer is also another France wine which serves well with spicy Asian dishes and pork sausages. Some of da white wine not suitable for drinking but cooking. Be careful with that.

In short, wine is just like dessert after meal. You have to pick one of the million that suit your taste as some people like heavy taste but I prefer lighter taste. Light tasted wines will be da best suit as after-dinner wines. In order to test da quality of da wine, it isn't depends on how long it have been preserved but da smoothness of da liquid inside your mouth. Don't forget to have a light roll on glass as it helps to oxidize da molecules of wine to have da best taste of wine. I have just share with you some of the wines that I have been tasted before ( because my mum is a wine lover ). I would be happy if you can introduce more about wines to me. Don't forget to pick me up for a drink, kays.

Cheeerrsss ~ !

- Vivi, Virgin Service -

I'm not gonna touch anything that regarding about Wine here but da next one will be. There's a reason behind this changes as it's da big day for Vivi. Vivi has finally break through its 1st step into more 'mature' stage. By the way, who da hell is Vivi? This you gonna find it out yourself. ^^

No Porche, Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo or Lambojini. It's just da best-selling model and top favourite brand in our nation, Toyota. Although it's not da luxurious one but I own it with all my pleasure and I owe daddy and mummy da big one. Vivi? Da only model stay with 'V' in Toyota brand, I bet you have da answer in your mind. In term of driving performance, fuel consumption, comfortability, I'm satisfy with a wink. I'm not going to further the discussion about da but I'm welcome if any discussions have been raised here(comments part).

Today is actually not a very pretty day as usual. I do not have enough rest last night and have my classes from morning til afternoon and followed by spending my 3-hours car servicing in a Toyota service centre. I took some pictures while waiting and drank a couple of refillable nescafe. Workers there are friendly and nice to chat. One of da lady worker who in-charged there served me well and keep notify me to refill my drinks. I guess she worried that I will feel lonely and sleepy there. Next up, I gotta tint my car. Awake! awake! awake! I still managed to stay awake till now and it's amazed for such a lazy people like me. Although da weather is so cooling, I still didn't do sporting according to plans. Sigh. Ending up, I went to take dinner with coursemates and I assure you that, don't ever give a try on Cyberjaya food. It's extremely suck and nominated as da worst in Selangor. I truly wish you can take up my advices. Food is tasteless, price is overrated, waiters is a wait-er! Sigh sigh. Take a deep breathe. Hhmm..fuhhhh....

Big day of Vivi, never care so much about da disappointing food but I'm rather looking forward to my lab. I hope I can withstand that Prof. C-huahh attacks.

March 86 . . . . . 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 . . . . . .

I have been passed the same March for 22 years. '' What's so special actually? '' Neither one will have the same answer in da mind. Every year, it will be and out-of-expect supprises; hell-creamy attacks; beautifully Starry night. I enjoyed it, with friends and myself. It's another moments which stored in part of my Memoria, undeniably. Thank you.

It's just 2nd day of March, da atmosphere is so nostalgic to me. Perhaps da memory have been embellished with some old-favorite songs playing right da moment. Sigh. I'm a person who like to re-flash back my old days. Good or bad? Different perspective involved, i guess. I should be spending more time on hunting some good food while i have the time and chance. As my 'traveling' won't be stop just by right here.

(Appetizer : Bread's Source)

( Italiannies Curve )

Weekend is a Week-end. In my opinions, it's like da end of a day, I would always prepare myself with a comfortable and well-rested feeling before welcoming a brand new day. I'm not gonna blog about introduction of Italiannies as my friend did. Duplicated is crime. In order to enjoy a good food not only bcoz da food is the main attraction but da Environment, Decoration, well-served people are the factors, indeed. Music playing adds some taste to your meal too. In the end of it, with a glass of White wine ( not Red wine please ), and it will finally complete what we called a cycle of enjoying good food.

My life of March will not just paused here. I might want to share something about exploring Wine with you guys for my next blog. ^.^


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