Doomed. I actually speechless at da moment while being trapped in such terrible situation. There is none of a word being suitable to describe my feeling now. I'm not hating myself, i hate da fact of life that need to be accepted. It's ridiculous sometimes. Sigh.
( Content consist of strong/violent words, please take note that there are some offensive issues that deal with people and places, high-pressure reader please stay calm. )

Case 1 :
After a few of challenging weeks (estimated 2 weeks time), yet it finally comes to da unexpected terribly ending. I have done my job and work things according to time perfectly. Sometimes, we can't fight with da fate. I swear it's true. Having a out-of-idea assignment for da whole sleepless night, I finally finished it by myself at 6.45am punctually.
Today I supposed to be happy but it end with unbearable hateful matter. I submitted my assignment and made confirmation for my CV. The, being informed that presentation is at 5pm and 2nd confirmation change to 430pm. Yet, I decide to go out by 4pm. U guys know what, my car was being clamped by da Cyberia condominium management. WTF?! I have been clamped for 2 times in 1 month and it cost total RM100 for unlocking. WTF is da management team doing? They do even have the right to lock TENANTS' cars but a warning is needed. Plus, they assigned me a parking lot where the roof have FELL OFF and no proper parking for me. I'm freaking frustrated and my presentation is too close by da time. I vented my frustration to da Security and they insisted no unlocking my car till I paid da RM50. OMFG! I seriously have no choice, I have to go presentation so I paid and run through few blocks for settling da stuff. By da time I reached, everything had began and I have been notified by group Leader that Lecturer have put a cross to my attendance. WTH again?! The reason I was so angry because da subject do not have Final examination, it judged by da performance of presentation. So is that mean I have no mark for this subject? Maybe. Sigh. Plus, I have been warned that I was late and caused 4mins deducted and being taught what should do this and that. WTF man. I have never been missing or late for any single presentation for academic and I have been attended number of formal meeting and presentations for years.
As a leader, you should cheer up da spirit of da team although we did our best and member have urgent problem. Who wan to be deducted marks? Who don't wan to score better? I never argue back, I was very very angry by da time, I speechlessly went home. I came across da problem, it recalled back how da hell I should be picking my group carefully next time. I'm sorry but I'm no wrong. I'm pissed off but I still respect him as a leader. I'm going to make my 1st publicly scolding to our Respective Cyberia management.

Case 2:
Another things that is bothering me so much since I came to University. Last time, I did read a lot of blogs from my beloved friends about their 'Friends', 'Unfaithful friends' but actually I have a deep anger inside my heart too. I guess everybody should have own problem with friends but I have serious one.
I bear so much ridiculous and negative conversations and feedback from my beloved friends who stay under da SAME roof. I have enough with this and can you guys be mature in this age. To blame me, I have a person who a VERY care of friends. I have yet disappointed with some friends here. Tell me please, What's the point of showing off in front of me when I'm not interest at all? Can you guys give me a simple conversation and respect me as a friend ( somemore under da same roof )? I hate people do thing secretly, quietly, and neglect me. WTF with you guys? Fine, I don't need you guys any invitation for any bullshit Bar-drinking, Supper, Game or even going after a Girl. Stop showing off and speak properly to me. How could you feel when someone showing some unpleasant actions in front of u? I'm so freaking volcano sometimes when I thought of them. Learn to be Humble and Modest before you guys get whacked by people Seriously.
Friends which have no manners, no consideration, no respects, no honesty, no HUMBLE at all. I have da guts to speak here because they are over da limit. Yes, they created da 1st history in my life. Bar list for life. And, stop pussy-ing around here. If you want to do something else, go away from here. They are da worst friends in my life that I know. Dude, I never ever know such people before I came here. What's da point of showing off actually?

I'm so unbalance-emotional currently. What should I do? Sigh. I accept if I did wrong but what's da problem. I have been becoming more than a passive person like last time.
I stand my rights, I fight for da rights and speak da rights. I can't hold my breathe properly.

- Steam-da-boat -

Assignment?! Advice, " Do not give up with what U are facing right now, U might get lost in the confusion but be tough to move on, buddies ". Recently, I have been missing as a blogger due to assignments marathon which pending for submission. I'm sure some of my friends feel the same way too. I guess after coming week, I have to prepare myself for da final examinations, perhaps.

Do not mess up, do no fear. We must learn to overcome the problem but how? (hmm..) Visit here when you are free and you will find little thing cheer you up somehow. I wish I could.

It seem I havn't been update anything about myself in blogs and pictures since I have no time for a real outing but I have been up to a Steamboat shop ( somewhere at around Giant, Puchong ). I would like to introduce to you with affordable and nice food around us so we do not need to go too far from our dead city. The restaurant called 'Tian Yuan'.

Package : 2 persons set
Price : RM 26 ( excludin' tax )
  • Taste :
  • Ambiance :
  • Service :
  • Value for Money :
( All da elements stated at above are based on my own rating. Maximum stars = 5 stars )

Recently, our area keep rainning and rainning, I suggest that we should have some hot meal to comfy your stomach. Btw, there are some shops for nice steamboat around that area, it's all based on your own choice whether you like Korea BBQ style, Hot spicy, Buffet style ( for big appetite people ) and so on. Above just I pick randomly among da restaurants.

Enjoy. ^.^

- Confession -

I'm disappointed & despair whenever something comes in my mind. It's out of my control, and getting out of my concern. How actually those people view a situation? I'm always questioning myself, speechlessly. Despite, I spent 4-massive-years in da place, I see things ups & downs yearly and been a crucial role of it. I never lose my faith, I never dump my memory. I'm here but no one is approaching me in da short path. I'm getting confuse whether people are seriously growing into da mature stage and broaden their minds on da issues and challenges.
As a main man of da team,
you need to
widen your knowledge daily, plan things carefully for da whole sake
( not your own sake ), seek for new solutions, exchange people perspectives,
build up a trusted image of yourself, harmlessly cares of your crews and
build up an ultimate team with your leads.

As a team,
you need to give your faith & confidence, follow da guide,
stay in-one together, put your effort generously and
most importantly, love your partners as a family.

Sigh. I see no improvements and appreciations. Do not blame anyone else, do not blame you have no qualities, blame yourself that you did not put enough effort into it. They tend to clarify themselves as a 'qualified' decision-maker. Oh well, take a time and view back da early thoughts, execution progress and consequences all these while. I have lost da confidence which been giving me in da beginning, I have lost my faith in you guys. Yes, a bunch of people I'm pointed. Please forgive me but I truly feel upset.

- Scouser Rule The World -

- Scouser Rule The World -
A very very very dramatical night again. I felt intense, stress throughout da whole 90mins ( + 3mins extra time ). 'Scouser Rule The World'. A very classical banner waving by a Liverpool supporter after da referee showed da ending of the signal. I still can't believe it. Scouser, is actually a native who are originally from Liverpool. I know such a word not suitable to be used by me ( as a Malaysian ) but I'm proud with the spirit of Liverpool squad. OMFG! We have beaten Arsenal ass badly in our homeground, Anfield at this very moment after 3 intensive games in a week.
Tight Schedule :

April 2 > Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool | Emirates Stadium | UCL 1st leg
(Adebayor 23', Kuyt 26')

April 5 > Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool | Emirates Statium | EPL
(Crouch 42', Bentner 54')

April 8 > Liverpool 4-2 Arsenal | Anfield | UCL 2nd leg
( Diaby 13', Hyypia 30', Adebayor 84', Torres 69', Gerrard 85', Babel 90')

From the schedule above, we could hold up Arsenal force in their home ground with tight draw. I have to admit they are good in playing beautiful ball but yet in our ground still, we have fans and luck be with us. We are way stronger especially in European Cup. We are marching into 3rd Champion League semi-finals in 4 years. We will be now facing Chelshit ( another English team met up in European cup draw ). I'm sure we are ready to face Blues as they don't seem as strong as Mourinho's time. It's our night with clinical finish. Cheering with all da Liverpool fans in the world and also mamak stall there.

Highlight :


" The main factor to win is not from the best tactic, it's the Fans of Liverpool "

It's Yumcha sessions!

Just my favourite one, always.

While there is a good football match coming on.

Which tea/coffee would you prefer?

More on western or our local classic serve?

Top one;

or the Bottom one.

You choose.

Personally, I prefer da bottom one.

I love classic.

- Through da Dark side -

Whenever we face dark unintentionally, we will always see no way out of here.


Seem, lack of source of light in order to lead us to da next step.

Do not fear and give it no ( little bit ) mercy.

Although da darkie atmosphere looks mysterious and welcoming,

Stay tough and put a full-stop to it, rationally.

Look around carefully,

There is always a twinkling light beyond da darkie side,

Faithfully, it's actually staying by our side time by time,

Give it a little bit confidence, start your very beginning step,

Things will always happen in your ways when you always hunger for a try.

Do not give up!

Notes :
Source of picture,
from a photographer who nick as 'HackZai'.

Assignments month.
Good luck for all my friends,
Anything ring me up! ^^


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