- What's a Friend -

I have plenty of time in browsing youtube daily but one of the video get my little attentions. It's basically a animation video made by a teacher or lecturer who want to show his students about friendship. I guess the meaning is obvious and method is simple and clear. Here we go with a simple 'click' on the screen.

What is a Friend?

Video Link
This is not a great animated video but it's ample to let you know how's a friend supposed to be. What do you feel with your friends around and How really do you treat your friend? I bet everyone has the different answers. For me, I have not really happy with my friends around, none even a simple friend. I feel that, my friend don't even have such a criteria stated as above except for some friends. I'm more concerning when a guy lose their gentleman or respect, I guess you will be feeling easy. Pondans!

- El Nino, Number 9 -

Review EPL Season 07/08

Fernando Torres
(Number 9)

Fullname : Fernando Jose Torres Sanz
Born: March 20, 1984
Fuenlabrada, Madrid
6' 1''
Weight: 12.4
Age: 24
Liverpool signed: 26.5million (from Atletico Madrid)
''Let's move on to the stage that we deserved to be...''

: Link

China quake toll 'Up to 50,000'

"More than 50,000 people may have died in the earthquake that devastated parts of China on Monday, state media say."

"It's difficult to describe the staggering scale of China's earthquake."

"50,000 people now killed. How many children? How many poor people? It is all miserable."
My heart is 'crying' whenever I read it since the 1st day of this miserable incident happened in SiChuan. To be more specific, the worst part was happened at BeiChuan. A massive 7.9-level of Earthquake hit the town without any signal and taken a lot of victims to another world.

From a voice of a reporter, BeiChuan was no longer to be considered as a town, it's a ruin currently as almost all the buildings has been destroyed and damaged. When a town is totally gone, how do we need to begins the rescue operation? A big number of crying souls covered by jackets along the streets. The country is sending 30,000 extra troops to Sichuan to help the 50,000 already involved in rescue efforts. Some soldiers parachuted into the remotest areas, and essential supplies have been dropped from aircraft.

China governments have a lot of helps and aids from other countries who help out the rescue operations. As people in the worst-affected parts of Sichuan province spend another night on the streets, the local online forums and bulletin boards have witnessed a flurry of activity. Over the internet, you can notice a number of forums and blogsites are supporting the aids on posting the message on their missing family and seeking for people for blood donations. Give your helps whenever you can to save our precious lives.

Earthquake Videos :

Up-to-date News :
Link 1
15-05-2008 BBC
17-05-2008 ChinaPress

Period. These few weeks, including other university and colleges, everyone is having exams together. Even I, having 3 more remaining but the closest one is coming Thursday. I wonder how could I face it after my miserable first paper on Monday. omg!
However, Examination days do not mean a doom day. I would share some of the old stuff with you guys ( perhaps, some of you have browse through it before ).

Student A :

Student B :

Student C :

Student D :

Student E :

Student F :

Student H :

Student G :

Sorry for the size of the pictures doesn't resize it equally as I wish to keep it in original size. Click on it for original size. Students above are not dumb as you can see they are talented on the other matter rather than solving calculus and so on. Btw, hope you guys can gone through this final examinations well.

All the best and Good luck! ^.^

- 怎样, How? -

How deep actually a human being can think until?
I'm totally clueless. I have tried to understand it,
it seem pointless and little-bit ridiculous.
"The skinface of a wood doesn't tell you how strong & superior it's."

Some people might look smart, yet he are clueless on what's he saying; Some people might look friendly, yet he has another intention in mind; Some people might look famous, yet he are just an all-time loner; Some people might look macho, yet he is just syiok-sendiri and annoying; Some people even smile 'nicely' to you, yet he is chopping at your back.

I'm getting sick of some people around me.
They are human I can ensure, perhaps.
Attitudes, Sense of humor, Friendly, Gentle, Respect, Polite.
None of it I can feel it.

They honoredly recorded as blacklisted in my life.
I wonder how can I live this remaining year.
What should I do?
No idea.

Credit to Murmurs

I wonder everybody feel da same as what I feel?

Everyday, I have da same feeling, same madness,

It's just an abnormal phenomena.

I bet, some of us might not have a good sleep during night time.

I wish to stop sweating now and later.

Hate to be sexy in this way.

Just get rid of da Sun, please!

a Football fan? Sometimes, when I spend a little time on recalling about that, I find it a little bit interesting and ... hilarious. I wonder some people are truly a football fan or a joker. A truly Football fan is a supporter who has an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking of a sporting or football club, specific player, product, and games-playing style. While, a joker is a konon-supporter who has an extreme show-offs attitude for nothing but tread-follower, full of 'jokes' with their misleading information about da football club. I'm not intend to criticize on anybody but I have enough bear such an attitude around me, even da one who close to me. I have some great scenario that happened around.

Konon 1 :
Mr. E (Arsenal fan) : " Arsenal is da best la, you see da match, no people can play with them one la. "
Me : " What's da score for Arsenal game just now? "
Mr. E : " They got game meh just now? Don't know la. "
( Arsenal fan who do not know there is a game? Konon. I guess if you ask him a team consist of how many players, he might answer me ''9'' )

Konon 2 :
Mr. L (Arsenal fan) : " Liverpool is lucky la, we lost to them. Chelsea will revenge for us. Ngek ngek, blek blek! "
( This is truly a joker. I have no reply anything but I'm ashame of him as a Arsenal fan. Wait a minutes, he is a Arsenal fan or Chelsea fan? Konon. The main thing is, you want a RIVAL to help your team to win against us who beaten your team? This is freaking joking )

Konon 3 :
Mr. K (MU fan) : " We beat you guys at home la, balik kampung you guys. We are good, we got Ronaldo, you got what? Gerrard? haha! "
( I seriously dont give a damn of such unethical fan. We are looking for a great match ahead us but such a fan can't stand for such big game. Konon. )

I need to clarify that I'm not BIAS to any football club. All da scenario were happened around me, I'm sure everyone has met different situation and different people. However, I'm sure some of da situation have some similarities with mine. Sometimes, people not tend to love da clubbut they want it for winning money, for proud and for insulting other people. I'm sick of most of da Fans around. No Civilization and Ethical attitudes. They are just purely Insulting people. Please, take the sweet time to know what's happen in your club rather den teasing around. Who da hell in da world can stand for it? You respect me and You will sure gain my respect as well. If you step over da baseline, you will know what's da consequence.

I don't give a damn to da jokers.

CL Cup Race - End

Champion League Semi-final

CL Semi-final First Leg
1 - 1 Chelsea [ Kuyt, Riise(o.g) ]

CL Semi-final Second Leg
Chelsea 3 - 2 Liverpool [ 'Dog'ba, Torres, Lampard, 'Dog'ba, Babel ]

Aggregate : Chelsea 4 - 3 Liverpool.

Extra-time have decided which team was through to Final in Moscow. We have lost Agger for season, Aurelio which is big blow for us in left-back and we still move on to fight a physically strong team. We have da spirit throughout da game, from da very first minutes to da end of the minutes, still, we can't break through Stamford Bridge curse for 9th games visit. However, we manage to shot 2 goals to end our goal drought at SB stadium. Although idiotic Drogba tried to play some cheats and injured our players, still it was a good game. We will be back in next season, FOR SURE.

CL 2nd leg Report : Link

Post picture credit to Zakiya-zone : Link


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