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- Blended Feelings -

It's very rare, undeniable,
Since all these while, days even years.
When I stay silent for seconds,
Trying to feel the breathing-air,
I can feel a lot of feelings,
From many angles, many directions,
It just not blend it so well as expected.
Making me feel like throw out, forcefully.
Still, I have to manage my feelings well in order to face next.
Filling up the unknown-empty holes in the memories.
Each part of memories just missing something.
It's incomplete, totally.
I can't recall what's the real imagine,
Real meaning, real feeling.
Left an empty milk tin.
Well, It's time to beautify what I have missing since 10 years ago.
With my Blended Feelings.

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[Photography] Love Theme

Love Theme :)

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I'm sure everyone gone through forwarded messages day by day, funny picture, extraordinary acts, warning news and also lame-cursing-mail that warned receiver to forward that particular message. Somehow, a forwarded message impressed me til turn me upside down for a moment. OMFG! It's awesome place, awesome scene, awesome nature life in our crisis world. Would like to share with you guys.

Shiba Sakura

The beauty of the World

... 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 ...

I'm counting, something that is belong only to me.

It mean all my life and all I owned in every single matter since I came to the world.

From internal to external of mine.

Counting down a day which is historical to me.

11-years times, sometimes was missing for quite quite long.

All my feelings are blended into some sort of ... unknown.

I shall prepare for the day it comes with a smile :)

Hoping for a perfect reunite that have been desired for.

16 September 2o08

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