Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Launched at Putrajaya week ago and yet I just posted the pictures that I have taken. I was MIA for week due to some special case that brought me some of the difficulties. Accessing to internet or even my movement. Well, i'm back in charge and will be catching up with the updates here. Regarding to the pictures, these was taken in a very moody evening, sadly. It was cloudy and even drizzling in the middle. Darn! Well, I was in rush to leave the town so the outcomes wasn't amazed. :D
Well, it was my first times to see a REAL hot air balloon in front of me. I would feel better if i could get the chance to ride on it and to see the wide view of Putrajaya. But, I wonder I will be dizzy or even faint up on the air.
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Things that can't missed in our lives? Precious in Life? The answer surely for me is, DESSERT! *Yum yum* I wonder why I couldn't resist to look at it, have it, taste it! I guess that would be the best thing in my life. Either it's a hot one or cold one, I just love it. Well, surprisingly I have found something very very very interesting at a Japanese Dessert shop at Pavillion ( which opposite the market at the lower ground floor ) - MOF Dessert.

Most of the desserts serve with green tea + red beans. The best combination for me. Well there are more dessert you can try out if you get a chance to visit there. I need dessert now arh. :D

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Rabbits' Home! Well, commonly, people will name this place as Rabbits' Farm, where located at around Bkt. Tinggi. I bet all the rabbit lovers will fall in love with this fantastic place as you get to play and jog with the rabbits in without any time constraint. Well, this was actually my first time on contacting with a real rabbit and they were just toooo shy. Some were just too active while being chased by cold-hearted kids, and some were just 'sleepy'. I have taken some shots in the farm and I suspected that some of the rabbits were posing to me on purpose. (hmm..have a look!)

It was a tiny farm but you will still get some fun with the rabbits in this cooling places. Give it a try when you have no idea where to go besides GSC/TGV or Red/Green/Yellow-box. Have a healthy holiday. [ Checkout more pictures in signature below :) ]

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"Here is Japan!!" Hmm..Well, I wish It could be true but it's just a 'demo' version of how actually a Japanese Village looks like in M'sia. I bet you would enjoy it if you don't mind of a little walking. The atmosphere is cooling and everything is natural surrounding the area. U could even try out a kimono and walk around the area if you don't mind to have your body sweating all the day. Little sharing here. :-)

Mysterious - Hidden Spot

Walking back home
Along the way
The source of water
Purpie flowers
I still comes up with a shot in my favourite way :-)
Hope you all like it. ( More photos can be seen in flick below )
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