- The Show -

It has been silence here since a month plus ago. Things have been changing & changing all this while until now, I finally have my own time to feel my own presence. Everything have been destined, I believe. It could be considered as the cycle of Life or the path of seeking the true meaning of Life. Well, I have to stay optimistic and tough for every tomorrow.

There are a lot of mix feelings or conflicts in my mind. It's some kind of the matters that I believed, have been diverted or twisted and as the result, I'm confusing. I'm confused how people could think in this way; or how people only talk about 'yellowish' stories or girls; I'm even confused to understand one's true personality. One's could just joked, ''hi, you just looks good today.'', when he just turned around, you could be the ugliest person in his world. So, you would never know who's your alliance or betrayer.

I'm cautious, every minutes given to me because every minutes is treated the Show. Of course, it's an spontaneous one and I'm the standby-actor. No dialogues are prepared and every moments is Live. Until this part, it's very subjective and depending on what are we going to achieve. It could be misled or it could be positive. For me, it's a show where I have play the role well as much as I could in order to achieve a win-win position. Yes, sometimes it could be hard or even impossible. But, feel not too desperate by misusing it with bad role. It might an tasty solution but it ultimately ruin your life. I guess we need to be aware people around but we do need to appreciate people who supporting or loving to us.

The connections are needed to be initialized and monitored it properly, in order to ensure that the signal flows or acknowledgments between you and me are always in the most understandable way.

I always believe that there will be a good return after doing a good thing. :)


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