A night, just as usual,
remains its peace and silence,
weather is turning to be cooling and windy,
simply back to my own tiny world.

"All i want is you - 911",
a 90-an classical song is playing,
a so-called pop star or teenager's favourite once before,
perhaps, everyone has its song to represent his teen life.

Today wasn't that good or bad,
nothing was so happening, nothing was so un-forgetful,
Everything just came with easy and smooth,
Just one little thing,
it was just an over-sunny day which killing my mood,
wishing there's always a better next day.

Everybody is in their own dreamland,
Guess there's one who is still looking for his path,
silently walking through the undead road,
however, you have to move on,
bearing the loneliness, dark and silence along path,
in order to match with your will.

Night is simple and quiet,
somehow, it makes you stay lively in many ways.


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