This would be another photography post but certainly, this is slightly different comparing to previous posts. A Black & White Series. This would be the first B&W series in the blogsite and the location would be Colmar Tropicale :-)

I love B&W photography. There are things that a color photography can't produced. A B&W photography enhance the shadow and contrast of the photo. Make it the simplest form yet there could be the most complicated meaning behind the photo. Well, it's the attraction of the art of B&W photography.

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Colmar Tropicale is the unique French-themed attraction at Berjaya Hills. It's located at Bukit Tinggi which is just next to Genting Highland along the way from KL to neighbour Pahang. It was a great and adventurous journey with her during this special day on
14 feb
. :-)
Couldn't agree more that we enjoyed it very much with the atmosphere and the people, who walking around and played some songs to cheer up the mood. I couldn't resist to take out my DSLR due to the beautiful scenes there. *thumbed*

" I said inside got gold : x "

More picture could be seen here. Too bad we couldn't enjoy any meal or dinner there as I seen, most of the shops only operate at night. But, I still could see some fate with the shop in the future. Well, here is just a kick-off point, next up I would like to share our adventurous journey.

Do drop any comment/feedback as a part of inspiration for me. Thanks for viewing. :-)

Shinjiz. Get yours at

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