- Time vs Timeless -

Can i buy 'Time'? How much per hour? What's the value of 'Time'?

I have a dream since I was around 13 years old. A dream that had been inspired by the people around me, their actions and thinking. While recalling back, i feel somehow ridiculous & childish but meaningful. I believe that having an unachievable dream is not bad at all. It's a motivating effect. It always motivates yourself to think wide and to achieve something that even you, yourself can't expect it. Well, I'm no longer 13 years old and it seem dream doesn't count by age. No matter you are 13, 23 or even 53, dreams are still very 'energetic'. That's the reason you won't feel old (i hope) and keep searching for the meaning of your life.

I dream to build a 'Time Machine'. I wish i could trade back my time and I wish things could be timeless.

Achievable? Logical? From scientific view, yes, it has a very least possibilities to achieve astral projection, overcoming the speed of light with the aid of laser concept, ultimately create a big black hole with the mass and energy surrounding. That's just a brief idea from what I have known but result? Not even a scientist could answer that. In fact, it's unachievable but i would love if thing could be in the condition that considered as 'timeless'. There are too much things that I wish it could be happen just right next few hours. Whenever comes to an ending, how much i wish things could be 'rewind & play' again. Time vs Timeless? It's actually how we could timelessly treasure all the time that have given to us.

There are too many 'Thank You' & 'Sorry' should be added in my imperfect memories. I hope it would make it more meaningful. Good luck.

The Sun break through the cloud and light up the land of the world with its strength and determination. Its faithfulness has show us the direction of Life. It's always feeling great when you are given a chance to see how beautiful is it. I just love it. :D

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