The Festive
It could be the most exciting festive in the town.
Happy Chinese Year!

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It's all about my Vivi. It's almost a year, I finally took some shots of her with my toy. Well, first pet is always have a special feeling. I couldn't resist from taking care of her and of course, i wouldn't might to put up little effort on beautify and keeping it away from any dirt. It's about service my car already. *wink*
My dark Ride!
1. Solar Gard Window tint.
2. TRD version3 bodykit.
3. Rainbow exhaust tip.
4. DEFI racer gauge
5. Eyelids. Carbon type.
6. White LED.
7. PPS Teflon.
8. SP MAT Sound Proofing.

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When I'm silent for seconds, trying to look back what I have been gone through until today; no word can be easily described. Somehow there were not just fantastically great in those days but certainly, some events would be staying with me along my never-ending journey.

I couldn't agree more that people are obsessing to perfection, deepening their hunger and desire on searching for something different in their lives. In return, we might just losing something, part by part out of our sights. It might be something important but we are just born to be careless. I wish i could be perfect but i have been far away from the boundary since I have been searching for past 5 years. I just hate it!

Someone is telling me "You are changing every few years". I fairly agree with that, mentally and physically. Even when I accidentally met up a close old school friend, I was just a total stranger. My destination is changing and even my gang is changing. That's the biggest disappointment as I am still i am. My destination never decides my friends but it helps me to seek my true ability in achieving something. The contrast of January and December of 2oo8 tells it all. This disappointment even deepened by taking one of my cousin away from us. I wish my cousin's family could stay up strong in this new year, without his presence.

KLIA. It was a place that worth to be remembered. I finally met him, Dad. Someone who pampered me all the time, treating like a baby until this age has finally came back home. The time we spent, was like a dream. It was too long to have it but too short to taste it. He brought me a lot of things including my new ride or to be specific, my very first ride. 21 Feb 2008, I was a new rider in the town and the feeling is just better than having a dream. My baby have serve me well until now and wish she will be fine, with me traveling everywhere I go. It's hard work as I'm a decent traveller and surely a shooting gun is needed to be equipped, my DSLR. There is a very strong feeling on photography and She just turn ON my idea. I just simply wish to share the world with my readers through my eyes. Better lens are in my sight and I wish to have the best result of all in the future.

It is short here as I pin out something with big influence in last year. Despite good and bad things happened around, I have grown up a few inches and I can see even further beyond the wall. If I stay focus and concentrate, I will be rewarded in this new year. I have a bunch of resolutions but better if i could achieve more than that. I just wish all the aspects can be moved on in its paths without too much troubles. Thanks to you and my family backing me all the time.

Adios & Thanks 2oo8 and Welcome 2oo9 :-)

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Genting, Malaysia
In this very moment of 2oo9, almost every part of the world is being lighted up with fireworks. It looks amazing with the performance and activities being scheduled well, people who are involving, it just like a mega party. People are connected, no matter you are from Malaysia or England or even US, everyone are cheering and welcoming a brand new year with fortune. I guess most of the places here will be set up the fireworks, count-downing the day-of-2oo9. Yea, I personally did not involve much on the night itself as I was being annoyed by the sprayers and street-sitter around, so I picked up a nice spot to have a meal while ending my last day of this year. But, what's happening in other places of the night of 31st?

Hong Kong

Tokyo, Japan

Times Square, New York

Athens, Greece

London Eyes, London

All the pictures here are CREDITED to The Star Gallery. Very Big thanks to their works.
You can view more pictures from other countries at the link below,

A new Start,
A new Beginning,
A new Chapter,
A new Year,
Forget the Bad
Cherish the Good,
Wish you have a Bright and Blessed year ahead you.


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