- Pasta de Gohan -

Trend. Japanese trend. What Jap trend I meant? It's Japanese food, which been talking among the people of city. It seem Japanese 'heat' has slightly edge over other food in the city right now. Instead of an individual set meal, there is also buffets, pasta and all kind of Jap-cooking style you can get. Oh God! I'm looking a way to Japan one day once my dad come back. Here we go, 1 more Japanese Pasta which been well-known from Singapore, a new branch in Sunway Pyramid ( new wing ). Pasta de Gohan!

Package :
1 persons set + green tea

Price : RM 28 ( excludin' tax )
  • Taste :
  • Ambiance :
  • Service :
  • Value for Money :
( All da elements stated at above are based on my own rating. Maximum stars = 5 stars )

Comparing with Zanmai Pasta, I would surely give a vote to Zanmai. In term of environment, food presentation and value, Zanmai edge it merely. Opinions, it's really depends on individual taste and value, I urge you guys can give it a try where it's located just right besides J.Co Donut shop.

Enjoys. ^^

- 蛋挞 王子 -

"蛋挞蛋挞蛋挞! 无法抗拒它的魅力!"
"Egg tart, Egg tart, Egg tart! It's simply irresistible!"

I just have to start it off with some chinese 'element' without any hesitation. Why? Spend 2 over 3 part of patience plus 1 over 3 part of curiosity and you will find it out W-H-Y. Basically, Egg tarts ( a.k.a Custard tart by western ) were first introduced to the world by a chinese-known shop, 茶餐厅, in Hong Kong. It serves with dimsums sometimes and particularly, for 'yamcha kaki'. I bet we can get it at bakery shops or even morning-evening market.

There are few type of tarts, wonder if you guys realize :

Hong-Kong style
Traditional and classic type. Always be my favourite, all time. These include egg white tarts, milk tarts, honey-egg tarts, ginger-flavoured egg tarts. Some even serve with chocolate tarts, green-tea-flavoured tarts and even bird's nest tarts. OMG! I'm drooling. There are also shortcut pastry and puff pastry of outer casings. I guess you guys should came across with these different type of outer casings before.

Portuguese style
This type of egg tart story begins with a name which is called 'pastel de nata', which is a traditional portuguese pastry . It was created more than 200 years ago, oh god, we are eating something which had been created since great-great-grand ma years ago. Legend o_o!

- Diablo III -

The Greatest game of all time in my opinion. It's truly spectacular and impressive. For newcomers, the game birthed an action-RPG genre, spawning dozens of copycats on the PC in the years following its release.

Character classes :
Barbarian -

Witch Doctor -

Publisher : Blizzard Entertainment
Developer : Blizzard Entertainment
Platform : PC
Genre : Role-playing
Release Date : 12/31/09

Diablo3 Official Website

The Heavens shall Tremble


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