Today is neither similar to Yesterday nor Tomorrow.

The temperature is unusual and making the whole room silent.

............"Ring!" "Ring!" "Ring!" "Ring!"

My cellphone is trying hard and harder to warm my heart. It seems useless.

The sky start crying slowly and wishing is there a space to share the sadness.

Been hours, it is all looks the same.

Nothing has been changed physically but mentally, it has turned another 360 degrees.

Human's body is fragile and weak.

We can have big dreams, ambitions but we share the same weakness.

It's unpredictable, you can never foresee a solution.

We follows how the nature flows and we accept it as a part of our lives.

Today, we had lost a nice guy who have ambitions in his world.

All the hopes, ambitions and loves have brought into another world along with Him.

I'm not bounded by any religions and I have no any unique procedure to pray for Him.

But, I pray for him from my heart, silently and faithfully.

The days we spent, the joy we shared will never be forgotten.

You will be missed dearly by all of us, my cousin.

Rest In Peace.

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" Ho ho HO . . . . . . "

It's another Christmas again! Whenever you walk into the entrance of any shopping malls, there will be a few times of the height of your eyes level of a gigantic "rawr" tree in front of you. C'mon, I can't just resist to do something for myself. Of course not climbing up the the tree or crash the tree but . . . . . where is my CAMERA? Alright, the teaser of my Christmas year 2oo8 is here! Look out for upcoming post! [ Link? :-) ]

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