[P] Sweetest Juice Ever!

Yummie! Just couldn't forget how its taste although these photo have been taken randomly last few weekend. Well bcoz it was being prepared by my mummy herself in the middle of busy days. Yum yum! It makes me missing home right now! Arrh.. : <

(What's better than a juice that prepared by mummy? :D)

(Time to blend!)
Have been a lot of things happened to me and my car recently. It's kinda hard to get rid of such a horrible feelings. Grr..! Looking at the photo (taken by myself), it somehow calm myself down. Enjoy weekeend!

3 voices:

  1. Li Wen said...

    Yummy juice..~
    one for bibi, one for me.. keke  

  2. Chuckie Cotton said...

    Haven't take this in a long time d.

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