- Critical Moment -

''Decision!'' Full of D's questions in my mind since I have been graduated from Uni. It made me recall how hard I have made up my mind to pick an unusual position of a society during my Uni life. It wasn't as painful as I felt at that time but it was a very good decision. The result tells the story and of course, I could solely feel it by myself. Sadly, behind a fine decision, there are drawbacks and sacrification. It's a kind of trading in life. ''If you want own something, pay its price.'' Everything has a 'price' tag so it depends on the 'value' of you decision. Life-changing decision? Well, it will need more than just a price I would say but stay determined and confident, eventually, you will get what you're deserved of. Self-confidence doesn't mean high ego. Determination doesn't mean stubborn. It's understandable that people will mis-interpret its meaning but you at the people around you, I'm sure you can differentiate it with you real life experience. I always believe a high ego creates a lot of illusions or non-existing of one's good side and makes them think that, ''I'm the special one, don't ya think so?''. *knock knock* In a community, people have to be more humble and understanding so we could live with mercy and peaceful. Then, what shall we consider? The critical moment is the period where you're considering and thinking before making a decision, a perfect and ideal decision. End up, headache, suffering and pissed off. Sometimes, I just couldn't find a place to calm down myself. I had even lost my sense of direction before. Again decision, I have to choose although I hate it but it's my next step. I will blame myself if I paused right there. I have decided, for my own sake. I move and 'check'.

So, what's your decision? :)

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  2. Anonymous said...

    Good post. Keep up :)  


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