[Photography] Nightview of Sunway

The view of Sunway city

Sunway Pyramid

The view from balcony

Although I have just spent 1 month in the area, the view of the Sunway city is truly amazed to me. I should have taken more shots but the remaining time isn't allow me to do so. So, just some quick shots with the aid of my tripod and lenses in my kits. Wish it could be a day for me to take some night view shots at other countries later. Hope you guys like it :D

Shinjiz. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

4 voices:

  1. Li Wen said...

    fuuuuuhhh so sharp and pretty de pic!!!

    I personally like the 3rd pic oo, but if only there were some stars in the sky... it would be perfect! :)  

  2. . Jäcky . said...

    Hehe. Thanks bibi. Ya i do feel the sky a bit empty but the sky is kinda dark at that time. Doesn't see any cloud at that time. hehe.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    Those pictures were incredibly "WOW" to me. I'm looking forward to see more from you. Gambatte kudasai~  

  4. . Jäcky . said...

    Thanks thanks. It's pleasing to hear a positive feedback from you guys. Thanks a lot. :D

    Motivation ON!  


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